Amish Christmas Romance Collection Three Bestselling Christmas Novellas By Linda Byler
Bestselling Amish novelist Linda Byler’s three heartwarming Christmas romances—in one book!

Linda Byler is Amish herself, and so brings to life in charming detail Amish communities and the complex individuals who live in them. Here are three of her beloved Christmas novellas—in one value-priced edition.

Mary’s Christmas Goodbye: Mary Stoltzfus is thirty years old, splashed with freckles, and unmarried. In her Amish world, that qualifies her to be called an old maid. When she travels from Lancaster to Montana to accept a position as a schoolteacher, she faces new questions about herself and the mysterious Arthur there to greet her. Who is the young woman in the photo at Arthur’s house? And why does she suddenly care? Does she really belong back in Lancaster?

The Christmas Visitor: Devastated by the sudden loss of her husband, Ruth isn't sure how she'll make ends meet or restore order to a house full of rambunctious kids. Preoccupied with the effort to create a new life and manage her shrinking bank account, Ruth barely notices John King, the handsome newcomer to her community. Besides, how could she—if she had a chance—replace Ben? Does one ever replace a husband?

The Little Amish Matchmaker: Simon can't stop thinking about the pretty Amish teacher at the local one-room school. But he's ignored the sparks between them because he's so shy. So Simon's little brother, Isaac, takes matters into his own hands. He's determined to give his brother the best Christmas present ever—a date with his favorite teacher. Amish novelist Byler brings her tender humor and skillful observation of family relationships to this holiday story.
TitleAmish Christmas Romance Collection
SubtitleThree Bestselling Christmas Novellas
AuthorBy Linda Byler
PublisherSkyhorse Publishing
ImprintGood Books
Published5 November 2019
Dimensions5.50 x 7.50in.

About the author

Linda Byler grew up Amish and is an active member of the Amish church today. She writes all her novels by hand in a notebook and is the author of three bestselling fiction series, all set in the Amish world: Lancaster Burning, Sadie’s Montana, and Lizzie Searches for Love. Linda is also well known within the Amish community as a columnist for a weekly Amish newspaper. She lives near Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

ISBNs: 9781680993981 978-1-68099-398-1 Title: amish christmas romance collection category:FIC 
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