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    The Little Book of Restorative Justice for Sexual Abuse
    Hope through Trauma
    By Judah Oudshoorn, By Lorraine Stutzman Amstutz, By Michelle Jackett
    (Good Books)
    Restorative justice is gaining acceptance for addressing harm and crime. Interventions have been developed for a wide range of wrongdoing. This book considers the use of restorative justice in response to sexual abuse. Rather than a blueprint or detailing a specific set of programs, it is more about... [READ MORE]
    Amish Women
    By Louise Stoltzfus
    (Good Books)
    Written by a woman who grew up in an Old Order Amish community and church, Amish Women: Lives and Stories offers a gentle, lyrical inside view of Amish womanhood. How are Amish women unique? How are they typical? How do they find expression in a place that values community togetherness above all else?... [READ MORE]
    Amish School
    By Sara Fisher
    (Good Books)
    Revised Edition! Sold more than 50,000 copies in earlier editions! The Old Order Amish believe that school prepares children for the Amish way of life, for the responsibilities of adulthood, and for eternity. Most communities conduct their own schools, usually taught by Amish teachers. Sara E. Fisher,... [READ MORE]
    Why Do They Dress That Way?
    People's Place Book No. 7
    By Stephen Scott
    (Good Books)
    This unique book, by a man who has chosen to "dress plain," describes the history and use of hats, bonnets, dresses, overcoats, and other articles of clothing used by the various religious groups who wear plain garb. This is the first comprehensive book about why more than 150,000 persons in North America... [READ MORE]
    Reflections Of Crime Victims
    By Howard Zehr
    (Good Books)
    Are victims of crime destined to have the rest of their lives shaped by the crimes they've experienced? ("What happened to the road map for living the rest of my life?" asks a woman whose mother was murdered.) Will victims of crime always be bystanders in the justice system? ("We're having a problem... [READ MORE]
    Little Book of Restorative Justice for People in Prison
    Rebuilding The Web Of Relationships
    By Barb Toews
    (Good Books)
    Restorative justice, with its emphasis on identifying the justice needs of everyone involved in a crime, is helping restore prisoners' sense of humanity while holding them accountable for their actions. Toews, with years of experience in prison work, shows how these practices can change prison culture... [READ MORE]
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