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    Introduction to Russian Mennonites
    A Story Of Flights And Resettlements-- To Homelands In The Ukraine, The Chaco, T
    By Wally Kroeker
    (Good Books)
    Mennonites in Russia? Invited by Catherine the Great to farm the Russian steppes -- in exchange for exemption from military service -- Mennonite emigrants from Polish Prussia and The Netherlands made their home in Russia. Some remain today; many more eventually left for North and South Americas and Europe.... [READ MORE]
    History of the Amish
    Revised And Updated
    By Steven M. Nolt
    (Good Books)
    The Amish, one of America's most intriguing peoples, have survived for 300 years! While much has been written on the Amish recently, little has appeared about their history. This book brings together for the first time in one volume a thorough history of the Amish people. From their beginnings in Europe... [READ MORE]
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