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    Little Book of Circle Processes
    A New/Old Approach To Peacemaking
    By Kay Pranis
    (Good Books)
    Our ancestors gathered around a fire in a circle, families gather around their kitchen tables in circles, and now we are gathering in circles as communities to solve problems. The practice draws on the ancient Native American tradition of a talking piece. Peacemaking Circles are used in neighborhoods... [READ MORE]
    Necessary Conversations
    Between Adult Children And Their Aging Parents
    By Gerald Kaufman
    (Good Books)
    In this timely book, family counselors Gerald and Marlene Kaufman urge adult children and their parents to have direct conversations about the decisions that lie ahead as parents age. The Kaufmans suggest that families use their parents' retirement as the benchmark for having the first discussion about... [READ MORE]
    When your Child is 6 to 12
    Middle Childhood Is The Last Good Chance To Hold Your Child Close
    By John Drescher
    (Good Books)
    We've been over-run with child-rearing manuals for infants. We've been swamped with advice for relating to teens. But little has been offered to parents whose children are in middle childhood! John. M. Drescher, a wise voice in the field of parenting literature (whose books have sold more than 400,000... [READ MORE]
    El Pequeno Libro De La Justicia Restaurativa
    Principios De Una Justicia Trasnformadora Presentados Por Uno De Sus Mas Renombr
    By Howard Zehr
    (Good Books)
    Because of repeated requests from buyers and from those who work in this field, we are making this top-selling book available to Spanish readers. How should we as a society respond to wrongdoing? When a crime occurs or an injustice is done, what needs to happen? What does justice require? "Victims, offenders,... [READ MORE]
    Necessary Conversations
    Between Families and Their Aging Parents
    By Gerald Kaufman, By L. Marlene Kaufman
    (Good Books)
    In this timely book, long-time family counselors, Gerald and Marlene Kaufman, urge aging people, their adult children, family members, and other caretakers to talk directly with each other about the decisions that lie ahead as they age. "Do it before a crisis hits," say the Kaufmans. "A good time to... [READ MORE]
    Ordinary Days
    Family Life In A Farmhouse
    By Dorcas Smucker
    (Good Books)
    Imagine raising six spirited kids on a grass farm. Today. That'll test any mama's strength. Dorcas Smucker and her brood live out their days in full view in this collection of musings—picking blueberries while watching for bears, hoping for angels driving off the nearby freeway, moving into the "thousand-story... [READ MORE]
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